AM 1220 KDOW’s Money Team is a new approach for your financial issues. No longer are you locked into one show host who covers one area of the financial world. Now for the first time on radio, five nights a week from 6 pm to 7 pm on AM 1220 KDOW we will bring you five experts in five different areas of business and finance. This is the financial information that you need to know.


The KDOW Money Team will cover financial planning on Mondays with CFP Chad Burton, real estate on Tuesdays with Tony Mendes, Thursday’s Baby Boomers will learn what retirement is going to look like with Ray Fry, and more importantly how to prepare for last but not least Margaret Jackson presents career counseling and business coaching on Friday.


There you have it, five experts five nights a week making up the KDOW’s Money Team. Only on AM 1220 KDOW.



To listen to any of these shows, click below.





All Things Financial with Chad Burton


As a Certified Financial Planner™, Chad Burton has training in taxes, insurance, retirement planning, estate planning and investing. If you have a money 1 (888) 762-2423, Chad knows the answer. Chad will take any money questions including the individual stock buy hold or sell. The show will highlight the important Wall Street news of the previous week and any important current economic issues. Each Monday will feature market news, the occasional guest, a financial planning topic of the day, and your phone calls.


The Real Estate Report with Tony Mendes


The Real Estate Report is dedicated to everything Real Estate with a focus on the Bay Area residential real estate market and national news that can affect it. The show will attempt to empower the consumer to make sound investment decisions by providing “behind the scenes” workings of buying and selling real estate from the point of view of the host, his guests and listener participation. Topics include local and national RE news, industry updates, buying, and selling strategies, credit repair, top ten lists, best areas to buy, email questions, specific scenario questions, lender inside info and Realtor tips. It is through this objective opinion of the Real Estate Report that we educate, entertain and relate with the listeners.




Baby Boomers with Ray Fry


The show is about Ray Fry Helping Baby Boomers Bloom. It will focus on financial, economic, health, social and government issues affecting Baby Boomers and older population as they mature and retire. The objective is to provide information that will help them make informed decisions and will enable them to live a comfortable stress free life as they age. It will include news items of interest to Baby Boomers in the Bay Area. The goal is to cover at least one key topic of interest to Baby Boomers such as retirement planning, managing retirement accounts, Medicare, estate planning/trusts/wills/medical directives, assisted living/aging in place/in-home health care, senior real estate specialists, elder care, healthy lifestyles, Boomers on the internet/social media, etc.



Business on the Edge with Margaret Jackson


Business on the Edge is a talk-radio resource hub that delivers straight-edgy business talk. The show is designed to challenge, attract, and engage today’s entrepreneur. The goal of Business on the Edge is to deliver straight-talk strategies, systems, tools, mental distractions, concepts, principles, obstacles, and more for business development. It is an out-of-the-box approach to talking business in today’s world of free enterprise.