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7/10/2015 by John Hanlon



Rob Black's Winners & Losers August 30

8/30/2011 by Rob Black
Today's Winners and Losers...

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Rob Black's Hurricaines, Earthquakes and Emotions

8/29/2011 by Rob Black
Markets prepare for a recession that probably won’t happen....

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Understanding Investing - Invest in San Carlos California or San Carlos Costa Rico

8/17/2011 by Rob Black
To be a successful investor you have to learn that assets differ like gold and clay. Investments include but are not limited to stocks, bonds, cash, real estate, commodities, baseball cards, art, etc . . . If you have time than picking the right asset is more important than picking the right price....

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Retirement 101 - How to Retire

6/24/2011 by Rob Black
I have said for years that prison will be some peoples best retirement plan. James Verone proved me right. Verone walked into an RBC bank in North Carolina and committed his first crime of his life. He did not want the money he wanted the healthcare....

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